At Nadeau Seeds, we pride ourselves on being a fully operating farm which means that we understand the needs of our customers when it comes to seed. 

Since we are farmers ourselves, we have a comprehensive and first-hand knowledge of what other farmers go through and how that changes from year to year. We know how important the choice of seed is for your farm, how much of a difference an inch of rain makes and how this and all the other environmental factors effects a farmer. This appreciation coupled with our service, are some of the reasons why customers have been coming to us for years and sometimes, for multiple generations.

Fourth Generation Farm
We are proud to be a fourth generation farm as we work hard to preserve the legacy and dedication of our family while keeping a vision for the future.
We are a certified seed operation who produces quality and vigorous seed to suply our customers' seed needs.
Always Improving
We conduct product and yield trials, we test new varieties and we use innovative technology which helps us excel with quality seed. We also believe in building soil and plant health.