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Seed Production

Contract acres to pedigreed seed growers

Seed production crops include: soybeans, wheat, oats, flax, alfalfa, perennial rye grass

Higher pedigreed seed available

Contract acres to pedigreed seed growers

Seed production crops include: soybeans, wheat, oats, flax, alfalfa, perennial rye grass

Higher pedigreed seed available

State of the art seed cleaning facility

Seed processing line includes a color sorter and destoner

Seed sample outcome is high quality and pure

Efficiently receive and ship bulk loads

Specialized in loading bulk and mini bulk ocean container

Quality control assurance

Cereal Seed Treatments

Soybean Seed Treatments

Soybean Seed Inoculants (on seed and in-furrow)

Store seed prior to or after seed cleaning

Mini bulk bag tote service


Shipping and receiving

Seed Sales


AAC Brandon +
  • An awned, semi-dwarf Canada Western Red Spring Wheat (CWRS) variety
  • Exceptional variety for Manitoba
  • Good rating for fusarium head blight resistance
  • Good lodging resistance
AAC Viewfield +
  • The shortest available CWRS wheat
  • Standability is excellent
  • High yield potential
  • Good resistance to fusarium head blight
AAC Tisdale +
  • An awned Canada Western Red Spring Wheat
  • High grain protein
  • Moderately resistant to fusarium head blight


CS Camden +
  • Very high yields
  • Shorter plant height with good lodging resistance
AC Summit +
  • White milling oat
  • High yield and excellent disease package
  • Good standability making it easy to harvest
  • Consistent performer


CDC Neela +
  • Excellent quality
  • Very high yielding
  • Great crop to have in crop rotation


NSC Watson RR2Y +
  • 2250 CHU
  • Ultra-early maturing with exceptional yields
  • Very good height due to extended lower internode therefore great harvestability
NSC Newton RR2X +
  • 2375 CHU
  • Mid-season variety
  • Brand New Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Variety
  • Taller plant with excellent white mold tolerance
NSC Gladstone RR2Y +
  • 2375 CHU
  • This variety is very adaptable and performs well under various conditions
  • Plant grows aggressively with substantial branching and big beans which lead to high yields for its maturity
  • Handles well in bad soil conditions such as soils with salt issues
  • Dual purpose variety that performs well as a solid-seeded stand or in rows 20” apart and greater
NSC Sperling RR2Y +
  • 2450 CHU
  • Mid to long season variety
  • Excellent disease package, excellent white mold and very strong for iron chlorosis rating
  • High performing variety for longer growing season in Manitoba - outstanding yield potential
  • Good stress and drought tolerance
NSC Richer RR2Y +
  • 2475 CHU
  • Top yielding long season variety
  • Top of the line for longer growing season of Manitoba
  • Tall, aggressive plant with exceptional branching and continuous pods from bottom to top
NSC Greenridge RR2Y +
  • 2500 CHU
  • Attractive variety for the experience soybean grower in the long season zone
  • An overall very strong disease package – Stacked strain genes for excellent phytophthora tolerance, very good against white mold and iron chlorosis
  • Soybean cyst nematode resistant
NSC Jordan RRY +
  • 2525 CHU
  • Exceptional yield potential
  • Very good at handling tough soil conditions
  • Top yielder in the long season zone
  • Suitable for wide row spacing

Non-GMO Soybeans

Meteor +
  • 2475-2525 CHU
  • Excellent yield potential
  • High protein (44-45%)
  • Suitable for all soil types
  • Strong export market demand
DH863 +
  • 2500-2550 CHU
  • Excellent for the tofu market and has great quality results
  • Very good yield potential
  • Adaptable variety for different management practices and soil types

Hybrid Fall Rye

KWS Bono +
  • One of the most profitable cereal crops
  • Hybrid advantage for improved grain quality for milling, distilling, fuel and feed
  • This hybrid advantage is the next step to achieving the highest returns in rye for grain production
  • Highest yielding
  • Very good lodging resistance
  • Uniform maturity to minimize ergot infection